Casa Di Cani Rainlover (AI)
Whelped 14.4.08
Sire: Aust Champion Abruzzo (imp itl)  Dam: Aust Champion Lurgenglare Fratta.


Cesco is a very special boy who I had a great love for from the word go. He was the smallest pup in the litter and never let that slow him down at all. He just hit the ground growing and is now a pretty nice pup. He was sold but was sent back as 'he had terrible weak feet' so here he will stay as the next show ring star. There is and was never anything wrong with his feet but since I was not so keen on selling him at all I am actually pleased with the result. He is a nice balanced pup with good bone and blessed with his daddy's temperament and coat.

25 days old and standing like a trooper.

Not only do we get to go to some fun plces we can bring friends.
Photo's at the lake are all taken by and copyright to Peggy Seiple

Ralf has moved again, what a wiggle butt he is.
Photo's at the lake are all taken by and copyright to Peggy Seiple


.Freya teaching Cesco how to be a good sheep guardian.

Cesco and Wombat looking after the first lamb

Cesco being a showoff poopy at his first show.
Photo taken by Jenny.

At work cleaning up the ewe lamb after lambing.
What a multi talented poopy Cesco.

Cesco showing off in the ring. Photo taken by Robyn


Cesco making sure I did not damage 'his' horse having new shoes put on.

Still not completely convinced that the 30yo horse is just fine. But, I will have 2 in my size please.

Cesco 12 months and grubby.

Cesco at 15 months

15 months

15 months

On stage with my Daddy. I am only interested in that people's lunch really.

You know I 'think' I should know the bloke doing the talking.

Just what is that???? Not at all sure it's safe?

My biggest fan all weekend.

Can we keep him?

Let the crowd come by useful!!

photo at 15 months

3 years old.