Cordova Emperor
Seabury Star Wars (Imp.USA)   Dam Cordova Painted Moon
DOB  27.11.10
D.M Clear OFA
Breeder Louise Siegert

Cruiser's beautiful face at 4 1/2 months

We would like to thank Louise for this extremely special little man. He has some VERY big shoes to fill and so far he is doing a mighty job of filling the hole left in the pack with the loss of my dear sweet Rellie. Cruiser is sound, beautiful and bomb proof temperament and so tiny.

The Husband seems to like him a great deal.

Action stations. Boy it's good to be free again.

Look we even get dead things to play with. (it's really an old piece of sheepskin)

This is dear john and they tell me he makes a great deal of noise. Seems quite enough just now.

Meeting the neighbour.

New mate, it's Buck.

My very handsom face (and a very dirty wall)

Hi Buck, will you look after me?

Gaia is attempting to have a nap but I have better plans for her ears.

No spoilt dogs here. Freya is pretending that Cruiser is NOT on her bed.

Nup no puppies here.

Looks like Buck is right happy to look after me.

Hey Steve, do you really think the goats are unwell?

After kindy, photo taken by Jas. Cruiser is now 11 weeks and 14.8 kg's (tiny sweetheart)

Cruiser at 8 weeks (not a great photo but it will have to do for now)

Cruiser at his first show. He's a little star. (14 weeks)