Casa Di Cani Etta Longflight (AI)
Whelped 14.4.08
Sire: Aust Champion Abruzzo (imp itl)  Dam: Aust Champion Lurgenglare Fratta
Proudly Owned by Allison Judge Vermont USA

Photo at 10 weeks)
My sweet  Etta left home for a brand new life looking after Allison in the USA. Etta is a stunning lass with nice bone, stunning expression and the most wonderful temperament. I know Allison is VERY pleased with her and I am so proud that Etta has such a wonderful home.

Update from Allison with her permission 7.8.08
Linda, Etta has the most incredible temperament for a pup. I am
absolutely smitten with this dog. Everyone comments on how calm she is
for her age and how little she bites - (I mean, she does bite - being
a pup, but not the way some do), and you are quite right about her
being all Maremma.  All I need to do is kneel and talk to her, and put
my hands on her face and she becomes the most serene animal. She sits
and takes everything I say to her in with a gentle gnaw on my knuckle.
And then, when I turn around, she has one of my shoes firmly between
her paws or is investigating the meat on the counter.  Just checking,
to make sure it's enough for everyone...

Are you familiar with the "Peanuts" comic strip in Australia - Charlie
Brown?  If so, Etta looks like "Woodstock". Let me know if you know
who I mean.


About 3 weeks old.

Here she is at the start of her very long flight.

Her meeting her new family in the wee small hours in Canada.

Here Etta is getting busy settling in, seems to be quite relaxed really.

Gee do you really need to wake a girl up with that thing?

Etta has a talent for finding nice spots to rest.

Etta with her friend Lucy

Beautiful Etta, what a happy puppy she is and she gets to play in snow soon.

Etta in her first blizzard aftermath.

Spring is in the air and Dad is working inside?

Etta at about 2 years. What a good looking lass

Etta in the snow watching with great interest.

Etta is almost 3 here. Look at the snow