DOB 28/04/06
Sire, Lurgenglare Piro   Dam  Lurgenglare Favola.
Breeder. Rosemarie McCarroll
Owner.  Linda Bagnall

Freya is shown here standing up to get BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Judge Mr R Lake (Can) at her very first dog show.

Boy where do we start with sweet Freya. She was the one who got left behind as I a very hard time choosing between her and Miss Mara. Some weeks past and the niggling feeling got to me so I went back for her <vbg>
She is just the sweetest lil thing. Strong in bone and mind with a very happy disposition in general. She is great with all kinds of livestock, loves to go walking and is getting to be 'my' girl.  So far Freya is quite willing to at least have a go at any thing I ask of her just cos it 'might' be fun. Freya finished 2009 by attending 2 shows where she attained her title with dignity. 

Freya holding up her best mate Suzie.

We seem to be having a moment.

Freya getting used to living with us.

Overnighting at Ellen's on her way to her new home. Some outside dog...

Here are Freya, Miss Mara and Laura, the final 3 wondering just what they had done to be sent to jail.

Freya posing with Chino, Bri, Max, Rell and Bruzz

Freya and Miss Mara enjoying a quiet moment.

Freya saying goodmorning to her sheep.

You can sit down now as well.

Ya better stay away from the Reaper cos he not as nice as he should be.

How cool am I?

Freya waiting her turn to win Junior in group 10.3.07

Freya and Miss Mara at 11 months. Long and lean the pair of them.

18 months and looking more like a Saluki than a Maremma.

Freya at 2 1/2 yo her first show after motherhood.
Photo by Robyn

Freya moving out well.

Freya at 3 years in paddock condition.

How rude they take photo's of me in my undies and in public just to make it worse, I am stunning aren't I?


Photo's copyright Sandie Tarant or Linda Bagnall.