GRIFONE Dell'Antico Tratturo (imp Itl)
Drago Dell'Antico Tratturo (HD B, Tmc)   Dam. 
PRESENTOSA Dell'Antico Tratturo  (HD B, Tmc)
DOB.  22.09.2010
Bred by Agostino Molinelli

This is a BeateImage.
Tony and I with Grifone in Victoria. We took the show on the road and Beate was kind enough
(and tolarent enough) to take some awesome photo's for us)
Grifone is 12 months old.

We are proud to introduce to Australia our new lad Grifone. This lovely young dog comes to us from Agostino Molinelli in Italy and he is every thing promised and more. The pup has a brilliant temperament, nice angles, stunning correct head and great bone.  He also has a lovely well set long tail and a coat that is very correct. Oh and perfect teeth.
Tony and I would like to tell Ago publicly just how much we appreciate all his help, tolerance and friendship. We will do our best to make you proud of Grifone.

Fitting in with the crowd.

It's so nice to have playmates and grass again.

10 months

Grifone in Marulan. Photo by Patti.

Grifone thu Patti's eye's

Grifone the tourist at *The Dog on the Tucker Box* at Gundagai.

Not bad at all for 1 year old.


This is a BeateImage.
John Roger came all the way up from way down south to see Grif again as he had met the lad in Italy. I REALLY enjoyed seeing John again
and getting to spend some time with him!! In 2001 John made a drive into Melbourne Royal to meet Chino. Do I see a pattern here?