Lurgenglare Mara
DOB 26/04/06
Sire, Lurgenglare Piro.  Dam, Lurgenglare Sofira
Breeder. Rosemarie McCarrol
Owner. Ellen  Bagnall

Photo at 13 months old.

Miss Mara came to live with us in July of 2006. She is a lovely baby girl who had an instant affinaty with our daughter Ellen from the moment they met. Some weeks later she actually moved in with Ellen, Dave and Sally.
This arrangement suits all of us very well but mostly it suits Miss Mara. She has really blossomed with Ellen .


First morning playing with Sally and Ellen

Playing in the house yard on the coast.

Wow look at that staffie jump. Rob is tall but Ski gets some height.


Playing is what Sally and Mara do best together.

Miss Mara is a bit unsure just what she did to deserve the disdane.

What a muddy happy lil tom boy.

Even covered in mud Mara has a stunning expression

Miss Mara won Bitch CC and Minor Puppy in Group at her second show.


This is how Miss Mara thinks the fancy sash should be seen.

Miss Mara's beautiful face

Miss Mara at 11 months old.

Meeting the sheep for the first time. Boy she is good.

I'm just inspecting Freya, really I am.

Is this better? I just sit and watch like you?

Interesting critters these sheep.

I could not resist this shot of the ram lamb and Miss Mara.

Miss Mara & Sally have a new friend, Dusty is a Swedish Valhund

6 months old and cute as a button.

Freya (chief ear cleaner) Chino and Miss Mara.