November 2005

Helen greeting Abruzzo.

Chino and the Ramlet

Follow the leader

Hey Bruzz, do ya think we should loose the Ramlet now?

What ya doing Tony?

Weird thing for you to be doin ya know!

My turn yet?

This is the ONLY time the guys were quite this interested in feeding that lamb.

Good lookout this.

Ramlett wondering if Chino is safe.

Happier now.

Chino thinking this is pretty cool.

Keisha and her fluffy white conscience.

Check out the view.

See Ben I am just a big sook really <g>.

After having his nails done.

What is the lamb doing?


Mum and Dad's

Abruzzo being wonderful with the old boy.

Dad was rather taken by this lad (as he should be)

A pat please?

See ya just knew ya wanted to pat me.

Ian and Kerry's Place on Bribie Island
(not a great place for a maremma to live but wonderful to visit)

Look now I know why Amber is not on the visit list often these days.

Amber is losing her eye sight now so looks down her nose at things.

These tiles are pretty good in the Qld heat, could we take them home with us?

Lunch? Yes please.

Great view Ian.

See we good really that canoe is gone.

Just making sure he don't change his mind.

Ahhh now this is nice.

just one of the boys

Watching to make sure the canoe is leaving.

Boy he is slow.

I don't think he is suitably scared ya know.

Pose for a photo? But of course.

How's this?

Just lookin.

Interesting stuff on that bridge.

Helen's dogs institute

Angelina wondering what the crazy witch is doing now.

Casper posing happily for me.

What no pats and adoration?

Joe with his 'I am very cute' face on.

Lucky the brave.

Lucky watching Chino do the conscience thing.

Lucinda looking fluffed and not well folded.

Lucy watching Kasha's conscience and the lamb.


Copyright on all photo's held by Helen Brennan, Kerry Ballard and Linda Bagnall.