Casa Di Cani Th Pursers Misprim (AI)
Sire: Aust Champion Abruzzo (imp itl)  Dam: Aust Champion Lurgenglare Fratta.
Whelped  14.4.08

Womby at 16 months.

Wombat was the last pup whelped and has no intention of being last ever again. She is a strong minded big girl with bone to spare nice angles and good movement. I can not wait to see what the future holds for my darling Womby.

Wombat at 14 weeks old.

Wombat's pretty face, 5 months.

Wombat on the left shareing her lamb with Cesco.

Wombat and the ewe lamb early in the morning.

Chino making sure Womby is doing a good job.

Wombat at 5 months old.

12 months old.

This turns into

this every time.