Chino growing up.

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Chino or more correctly Aus Ch Amarcord Birichino was judged Best in Group by Miss Karen Hedburg at the Maitland and Kurri District Kennel Club show on the 15th of November at Hillsborough.  Boy what a buzz this was for us and many many thanks to not only Miss Hedburg but to all the very kind people who made such a point of coming to congratulate us. For me that is all a bit of a blur but I want all to know just how grateful I am to everyone for the kind words and thoughts.

Update: In 2004 Chino has had his hips (2/3=5) and elbows (0/0) scored. 2005 eye certification normal.    DNA profiled
Chino now also has been tested by the ATTS and passed with flying colours.

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Here we have Chino on his first birthday. This photo was taken by 'World Class Photography'

12 months and 3 days old showing very good head shape.

Chino has full dentition with a scissors bite, good eye shape and placement.

Group lineup march 2002.

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Oh dear he got a bit bored and sat down.

Doing his very best Ralph impersonation.

Chino at 21 months.

Chino in front working like a dream for Kate <g>. Gunna is being a good lad to..

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This is what happens when the local builder thinks raising money for Canteen is a great idea

Chino was very good about being painted but boy it sure is green.

He looks a lot like he has gone off a bit <g>

Again a Tincan photo of the stunning Chino.

Chino is very taken with the Ramlett.

Chino about to 'sort' Miss Mara and Skye out for being rough.

Chino watching a walker.

L to R Abruzzo, Umbriana, and Chino

Miss Mara adores the Master.

Happy Chugger Chino at 7 years old

Ref Chino breaks up play that's getting to rough.

Chino and Taffy (Ralf) get along well. Also see Cesco's page.

Chino is 4 1/2 years and Rell is 8 1/2 years. They were doing a photo shoot for Tincan Studios at Dora Creek.
Boy have those photo's come out well.