Reaper and Fang in december 2005.

This is our cat Fang. She rules the roost and helps to train the dogs. Fang is more like a dog than a cat, she comes when she is called and follows me about the place helping to plant trees clean and so on. There is not much that she misses. We didn't really want a cat but as she arrived in a load of hay and I couldn't find anyone to take her she just stayed. She's not a cat to pick up and cuddle as she is not at all fond of attention but in her own way she is friendly. We find her in some very odd places at times, like the day I found her on the roof of the house. Recently she sat at the top of the ladder and watched with great interest the rearrangement of a visitors car. We will try to get a few more photo's of her playing about the place.

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On the prowl. In bed with Rellie. What are you lot up  to now? Sunbaking.  
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Waiting for a mouse? Gee look what a Cat has to put up with !!   Fang's kitten "CC
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Fang and male kitten    Male kitten      Stalking Mum.

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Ok just who said they could have puppy's?

Hiding from the pups

This is why!! Any minute now they are going to be sorry.

Puter cat??