For The Love of
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This photo was taken in mid December 1999
Born 5/12/1995 - 12/1/2000

Hobo joined our family late in January of 1995 at 7 weeks of age. He was our problem child from the word go. The first month he was our dog he was in hospital more than he was at home. We think he had a reaction to his parvo jab's and he had any number of neurological fit's during this time. As time went on it became apparent that the brain damage had caused him to grow in strange way's. At 6 months of age he went lame in front. Umpteen X-rays later we still have no idea what was wrong.

Well he settled from a medical point of view soon after this and just became the house dog. As he was never good with children we did not take him out, (he also made an ungodly noise in the car). Hobo and Tony became firm friends and stayed that way untill the end.

It was noticed on Sunday 9/1/00 that he had a swollen nose, not a big deal we thought. He looked like one of the bee's he eats had bitten him back. Well it was slightly more swollen the next morning so I took him to the vet for treatment. The vet thought as I did that it was most properly a bite and gave him an antihistamine and some clavoix for his temp. Tuesday he seemed stable so we left him with his thoughts. I did not like the look of him the next morning at all, he was far from well and getting worse, back to the vet. She was wonderful really, she took blood and urine then we waited for the results. During the afternoon he got a lot worse and we took him back to the vet, this time he stayed and had a drip. When the blood work came back he was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblestic leukaemia with bone marrow neoplasia. At 8.25pm we sent him to god.

Hobo was a problem.
Hobo was a joy.
Hobo was a guardian.
Hobo was Tony's mate!

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Aww come on Rob share with us!!    This was taken on 10/1/2000 . Oh yes I'm watching  you Hobo at play with Rellie and Qdog.