Aust Ch. Amarcord Birichino

DOB.  22/12/00. - 1.9.09
He spent his dash well.

Breeder. Katrina Sommers Amarcord Maremmano Abruzzese
I would like to introduce the newest member of the pack at "Hillview". Chino as he is known here is a most wonderful baby boy! He shows all the great attributes of a maremma and is a great advertisement for both of his parents. He has a very stable temperment is a happy confidant outgoing lad and I can not thank Katrina enough for this beautiful boy. He is (I think) going to be every bit as wonderful as his parents, his breeder, and I could ever hope for. We may even show the youngster?
Well we did show the lad and on the 19.10.02 he achieved his title with a Best of Breed win over really nice competition. Chino will now take a break from the show ring for a little while but rest assured he will be back.

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This is my Dad Ceaser. Ain't he just great?

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Here's my Mum Briana with Danika.

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Look Linda's just arrived and we all get to sit in her lap for a photo.

Resting on Kirsten's bed with Mum.

Sleeping in the whelping box.

Hot sleepy Chino.

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Mum is now very concerned that she just may starve?

How am I for forward? My eye's are not open yet and I am enjoying chicken and rice.

Here we say good bye for a few weeks.

All 3 pup's are growing and out side playing now. 4 weeks old?

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Sleeping with Reaper.

Oh hi what you up to now? Do you want me?

Ok we are coming sort of.


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2- 23.3.jpg (35336 bytes)

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Boy these guys sure are sticky beaks.

Am I cute or what?

This is the life.

Mmmmm  not at all sure about this standing still business.

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25.3-1.jpg (33194 bytes)

Look what I found.

Now we both at him


We do like to beat Max up at every chance.

Just who gets the lounge? He with the biggest mouth and growl wins!

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12d.jpg (77215 bytes)

2.jpg (68742 bytes)

My turn


Oh just look at the size of this puddle!!

Yet another huge puddle

Tani's turn.

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16d.jpg (33877 bytes)

17d.jpg (75169 bytes)

Should we get in the puddle?


Well a little bit!!


Ohhh this is fun

Nup I don't want to learn to swim today.

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3rd show1.jpg (43203 bytes)

We like the damn <g>.

The end of a very busy day.


Looking after the car between classes.

Here I am on the way to the show. Gee it's hard work.


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3rd show22.jpg (17558 bytes)

3rd show28.jpg (65764 bytes)

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Rellie and I looking after the car.


A nice kiss for the lady judge.


That's all folks.


If I suck up to Linda but good......


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She lets me read and send email all on my own. I do like to follow a healthy diet. Oh no look at the time and Tony is still in bed sleeping. I better get him up fast or he'll be late for work.

wake up tony you'll be late 3.jpg (42437 bytes)

wake up tony you'll be late 5.jpg (56301 bytes)

wake up tony you'll be late 6.jpg (54776 bytes)

What do you mean he's not going to work today?


Oh no he was here a minute ago.


Found him <vbg>


Chino's 2009 lamb.


Here he is with John at Melbourne Royal, 9 months old

and quite the seasoned traveller.

Chino stayed a couple of days with Pam, Kris, Rex and Thunda when Ellen got married.