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This is my old man Joe. He was a rescue way back in 1988. I went with a friend who was looking for a horse for her Dad. We found this poor little bag of bones and rain scall in a paddock just wishing that some one would look after him. It is a great shame that we did not take photo's of him until I bought him off her Dad. This little horse was a bag of bones the like of which I do not wish to see again. He was wearing a hessian sheet that was stuck to him with scabs and required soaking off .Well as you can see under all those scabs and long coat was a real good looking horse.

These days his claim to fame is that of a house pet. He has been seen tho in parades at shows (only as a spectator) and just carrying a select few people about the suburbs. He is a wonderful old boy, we put first time riders on him and he looks after them as if they were the most precious things on the earth, then gives a good account of himself for those who can ride. Some days if he's in the mood he will give a better than good ride to some. He has a wonderful sense of humour and to this end will pinch the pliers or my hat when I'm fiddling about in the paddock. The dogs are in awe of him and he does like dog food so they have to be careful he doesn't take it from them.

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Joe with Dollar behind Champ & Joe  at Budgewoi in  '95    Don't stop scratching
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Give me the bread. Nice to see you got in Dollar. Mingo on the warpath. Just working out who is the boss!
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Nope your not rolling there Dollar! Ain't I fat? I think I know what that kid is doing? Yup she's got the camera and I don't like it.
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This is a German tourist having a ride on the old boy in April 2006 A quiet afternoon with Joe Qdog and Chino. Ted has come to join us. Chino seems to have wandered off now?
The photo below was taken some years ago on a cold cloudy day. Joe was showing an enormous amount of interest in Santa (who was in Thomas the Tank Engine) throwing lollies to the children along the way. Poor Joe did not understand why he was not getting a lollie. We are being followed by Popeye and Dollar.

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