Australian Champion
(Imp Itl)
Owned by Katrina Jeffery and Bred by
Agostino Molinelli
DOB 2.7.2000
Hips Xrayed at 2 years. Eye certification normal at 4 years. DNA Profiled.

Abruzzo has come south for a while to light up our lives. This dog is wonderful in all respects that can be imagined. He has the most perfect temperament imaginable, a wonderful scissors bite. good and well set ears, nice bone, lovely front with nice lay back of the shoulder. His photo's will speak well for him I feel.  We can not thank Katrina enough for trusting us with this very special boy.
Abruzzo recently attended a temperament testing day at Erskin Park and past his test with flying colours. He was tested by the president of the ATTS Mr Carl Herkstreter.

Katrina and Abruzzo photo call at Katrina's wedding to Chris on the 7.5.11. One year to the day after Chris and Katrina moved onto the property
and close to 10 years since Abruzzo arrived in Australia. Bruzz was the ring bearer during the ceremony.

Gee Tony seems like a nice bloke. (photo in quarantine 2001)

katrina 3.jpg (47358 bytes)
Boy I am going to like living with Katrina.
(photo in quarantine 2001

katrina 7.jpg (35863 bytes)
Love at first glance.
(photo in quarantine 2001)

visit 2 -12.jpg (44369 bytes)
Please Tony.
(photo in quarantine 2001)

abruzzo and tony 1.jpg (88376 bytes)
Happy boys. A happy snap during a very impromptu visit.
(photo taken at Katrina's 8/02)

abruzzo  2   25.4.03.jpg (50994 bytes)
Making the acquaintance of Gunna, Rell and Ted. Chino is looking over his new mate.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  3   25.4.03.jpg (60760 bytes)
Chino with his very best snob face on.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  5   25.4.03.jpg (33676 bytes)
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  6   25.4.03.jpg (38464 bytes)
Off we all go down the paddock.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  8   25.4.03.jpg (29793 bytes)
Interesting stump this is Q.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  9   25.4.03.jpg (31482 bytes)
Still looking.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  12   25.4.03.jpg (27158 bytes)
What? A bath?
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  16   25.4.03.jpg (33928 bytes)
Half dry now. This wretched woman has a thing about hair?
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  1   26.4.03.jpg (43047 bytes)
Ellen is great she shares hot chocolate.
(Photo 5/03))

abruzzo  2   26.5.03.jpg (40568 bytes)
And butterscotch popcorn.
(Photo 5/03

abruzzo  2   27.4.03.jpg (54948 bytes)
Kerry and Ian came to meet me.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo  1   10.5.03.jpg (30581 bytes)
Chino on the left, Abruzzo on the right. They are getting along well.
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo and chino 13.5.03.jpg (57158 bytes)
What are you doing?
(Photo 5/03)

abruzzo and cows  1   27.5.03.jpg (81248 bytes)
Here they are all looking at some thing interesting, just before Chino took off to get rid of whatever it was..

abruzzo and cows  2   27.5.03.jpg (80483 bytes)
Abruzzo is sure the cows will come say hello if he waits long enough

abruzzo front  2.jpg (34826 bytes)
What an expression.

abruzzo side  4.jpg (42014 bytes)
Standing quite well.

abruzzo side  6.jpg (51055 bytes)

The light is better now.

Showing at Hillsborough march 2006 with Eloise showing him. Elouise is 12.

In the back paddock watching out for the girls.

Abruzzo and Miss Mara having a nap in the crate.

Our first morning together.

Katrina with her dogs. See the love shine on.

Abruzzo napping with the sheep after lunch.

Miss Mara and her big mate.

Bruzz and his new girlfriend Annamika the Keeshund. Every girl should at some stage have an Italian toy boy.
Photo  taken by and copyright to Peggy Seiple

Ready for the festival, bring on the fun food and reptiles please.

Compatriots !!! What a great way to listen to people use my first language.

Hey don't leave.

Boy's on stage in the Piazza.  10 year old Abruzzo and son 2 year old Cesco

The day before the big event at Melville House  Lismore.  Katrina on the phone while Paul waits to trim her hair.


Bruzz and Tony sharing a moment at 
Melville House

Waiting for his purple bag so he can take the rings to Chris and Katrina.

Wedding cake is his reward at the end of the night.

All done, back to the great digs at Melville. What a great place to stay when your traveling with a dog (or without a dog for that matter). Friendly people, clean and stunning looking Art Deco house made the trip just the best !!

On sunday we made a really flying visit to see Lil (13) in her new home and had a wonderful, if all to short, visit with Lil's family.



Contact either Linda or Katrina for further information about Abruzzo.