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D.O.B  6/1/95 to March 2006

Qdog came to live with us in February of 95 after we adopted Hobo and lost my most wonderful "Teddy Bear" aka. "Bones". Q is my best mate, he is  wonderful friend, mate and companion. Mind you these days he is a tad on the large side at 50.3kg. He is a sweet tempered dog who loves most people he meets. Qdog helps with training puppy's, friends dog's and just plain keep's me company. He has at this moment 9 offer's of a new home such is his ability to make friend's. I know he has no wish to leave home tho as has been proven on a number of occasions. If he is in the least bit uncomfortable when we are out visiting he will simply go sit in the car. Amber (the maltese terror has been known to make this happen).

Q is now the oldest of my guy's and the leader of the pack. I'm sure he will be a firm fair leader and keep the youngster's out of trouble for the most part.

Q lost his battle with a tumor on the spleen in March and is very sadly missed now. Vale my good friend.

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This is my bone and your not having it.  What do you want? I'm a good lad. Ok leaving now Do you see anythingor any one in here with Qdog? My favourite place to run and swim.