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D.O.B. 1/3/1999 - 30.4.2010

Reaper is the maremma list rescue dog! DNA Profiled.

Reaper's story highlights the need for these specialised dogs to be marketed in a more responsible
manner. He was surrendered to a pound in Melbourne as he barked to much and was apparently
savage . After his plight was posted to the list I offered him a home if we could get him released to
us. This eventually happened thanks to the many people involved, and thanks must go first to
Marnie for finding him, then to the wonderful list members who donated the money for his purchase
and transport costs to him new home some 1000klms from Melbourne.

I flew to Melbourne to pick him up, and here again I must THANK Marnie for all her invaluable help
on the day. We put him on the plane and at Sydney airport he walked through an enormous crowd as if he had been flying for years. The drive home was uneventful . We arrived in the pouring rain to introduce Reaper to his new buddies. All 4 of the dogs accepted him well , he is now a large part of our household

These photos below are of Reaper at the pound, Click on photo to enlarge

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Reaper at Home
(first few days) 

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These photos are Reaper when he first arrived home on Monday the 18th October On the 21st October we took Reaper and Rellie to lunch at Ian and Kerry's so he could meet some cows . We should not forget Amber (the Maltese terror) and Donna (the cattle dog) As you can see Reaper was very good and behaved himself very well considering he had only been with us for 3 days and had not met either Amber or Donna at this point.

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