Ellen and Dave's Wedding
Tony and I would like to welcome Dave to the family. We are both extreamly pleased that Ellen has chosen such a nice bloke. May they live long and be happy forever.

Left to right Tony, Ellen, Dave, Linda and Robert

The real cake

Haley and Erin



Julie, Donna and Ellen

Shane, Craig

Tony and Susan


Ellen and Dave

Oh look a steering wheel attendant.

Robert and Barbara


Micheal, Pam, Barbara

Ellen, Erin, Haley

Ellen, Dad and Dave

What is this wretched flower doing now?

Rob and Tony

Rob and Haley

Linda Barbara and Pam

Linda and Barbara

Pam and Linda

The superbe bridesmaids. Just stunning ladies.

Poor Miss Mara was well left out.

Hiking in Homebush bay park.

The bride and groom hiking at Homebush bay. Very elegant.

Nice shoes

Rob and Erin

The 'Over It' photo.

They didn't mean it tho.

Fun on the dance floor

Lynn's here but where's Karina?

Ahhh there she is hiding in the back. Not well enough <g>.

Things got silly with the siblings

Micheal, Pam, Ellen, Dave, Linda, Tony and Barbara.



Colin, Ellen, David and Susan. Daves Parents.