Prince Line Litter

At 2 am Wombat delivered her first pup, the whelping went on at a rate of 1 pup an hour until 4.35 pm at which point we had 14 fat healthy lusty pups. 8 males and 6 females. Sadly Wombat sat on one boy pup on day 4 and he did not make it.

These pups are starting life in the dining room here along with the rest of my pack.  They will be outside at about 2 weeks of age as much as fine weather will allow along with the adult dogs. Wombat is the perfect mother and to my surprise and the vets surprise she is feeding all her pups on her own (she is eating like a small horse to do it but thats better than bottle feeding them). They have all gained impressive amounts of weight so far. I shall update this page with new still photo's as I can. The pups also have their own live stream camera that is on twice a day for a few hours early in the morning and again in the afternoon. The colour markings on the pups is food colour and is not a bad way of identifying them.

Sire  Ch Maremacdonald Astor

Dam   Casadicani Th Pursers Misprim (AI)

A basket of pups. Day 3?

Day 5.

Cuddles with Mum.


Casadicani Th Navigator
Dora is now in Western Australia

Pup 1, Red dot, female. (dora)
Whelp weight  649 Grams

Casadicani Italian Prince
Zalli is now looking after Alpaca up north.

Pup 2, Blue dot male.
Whelp weight 629

Casadicani Jarvanese Prince
Is looking after chooks at Dubbo

Pup 3,  Green dot male.
Whelp Weight 670 grams

Casadicani Cowboy Buck
Buck is staying here

Pup 5, Yellow dot male (buck)
Whelp weight 530 grams

Casadicani Queen Elizabeth
Gaia is staying here

Pup 6, Green dot female.
Whelp weight 555 grams

Casadicani Sardinian Prince
is looking after sheep, cows and children

Pup 7, Black dot male
Whelp weight 615 grams

Casadicani Queen Mary
is in Victoria looking after sheep

Pup 8,  Blue dot female
Whelp weight 541 grams

Casadicani Lil Fern
is looking after humans in Townsville

Pup 9,  Yellow dot female.
Whelp weight 601 grams

Casadicani Cyprian Prince
off to Queensland

Pup 10, Purple dot male.
Whelp weight 577 grams

Casadicani SS Georgic
Going to Perth

Pup 11,  Black dot female.
Whelp weight 515 grams

Casadicani Mauretania
is looking after chooks at Dubbo

Pup 12, Aqua dot male
Whelp weight 614 grams

Casadicani Camarionia
is in Queensland looking after her very own family. 13 is now known as Lil.

Pup 13, No mark female
Whelp weight 650 grams

Casadicani Sir James Knott
Weston is looking after his very own family

Pup 14,No mark male.
Whelp weight 631 grams

Cyprian Prince 11 weeks

 Many thanks to Beate for cleaning up the photo and adding his name. Copyright, Beate Image