An inside view:

Bride of the Atom is a collaboration between Brett Thomas and Rick Ferrara with David Bullock.


I was inspired to continue my collaboration with Brett through working with him with the Slam Cam amd the Cat Shovel projects. I recruited David as we were planning to get a band together anyway.

In live performance BOTA puts the emphasis upon performance with as much as practical peformed live in addition to programmed tracks. The studio work of BOTA is entirley different territory. Freed from the parameters of live performance, BOTA is unleashed in full splendor, and further elevated by the inspiraton of the plethora of guest performances.

The music of BOTA, for those who require a category, is probably Darkwave, Gothic and Industrial. But it is hard to actually describe as we do not stay within a single genre, as we play how we feel and like to push the boundaries. There is too much music today which seems to be a poor interpretation of some one else's self expression.

BOTA first played live at the Vulgar Tongue Launch at the Esplanade Hotel St Kilda in May 1996.

The original line up for live performance:

Brett Thomas: Vocals and Bass

Rick Ferrara : Electronic percussion, drums and keyboards

David Bullock: Percussion

Alex Moss: Guitar and Bass.

Current Lineup in different combinations:

Brett Thomas: Vocals

Rick Ferrara: Kit Drums and Mix Master

David Bullock: Percussion

Kim Volkman: Bass and Backing Vocals

Chris Docherty: Keyboards

Peter Shaw: Guitar

Other people who have appeared with us : Rob Meredith : Percussion, Kelly Lewis: Drums, Kjirsten Robb : Percussion and drums, Peter Tyrrell : Bass, Penelope Black : Vocals, Sarah Bunting: Vocals, Andy Provis: guitar, David Banahan: Bass, Mia Stone: Vocals.

Guests apart from Live members who have appeared on Bride of the Atom recordings:

Gorasd Capovski, Craig Dickason, Mark Ford, Paula Condell, Tim James, Andrew Crowder, Bill Walsh, Bernie Brysha, Mark Ivey, Tim Hemmesley, BO, Paul Linsay, Tim James, Kathryn Buck and David Hoy.