V.I. Lenin

Lenin - by Tony Cliff

Tony Cliff

Volume 3: The Revolution Besieged, 1917-1923

  1. The Bolshevik Government's First Steps
  2. The Consolidation of Power
  3. Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly
  4. The Peace of Brest-Litovsk
  5. Transition from Capitalism to Socialism
  6. 'We Need State Capitalism'
  7. War Communism (1918-1921)
  8. The Heroic and the Tragic Intertwine
  9. The Proletariat Under War Communism
  10. War Communism and the Peasantry
  11. The Withering Away of the State?
  12. The Establishment of the Bolsheviks' Political Monopoly
  13. Transformation of the Party
  14. Lenin and the Miltary Front
  15. The Rise of the Communist International
  16. The Proletarian Assault Rebuffed - the Need for a New Policy
  17. The Comintern - a School for Tactics
  18. Lenin, Bolshevism and the Comintern
  19. The Grafting of Bolshevism Fails
  20. Britain and Bulgaria - Two Antipodes
  21. The Great Cover-up
  22. The Bolshevik Regime in Crisis
  23. The New Economic Policy
  24. The Defeat of the German Revolution
  25. Lenin Fights for his Life-Work
  26. Fighting to the Last Breath ...
  27. The Final Defeat