Agamemnon Class Battle Cruiser
CRUDIV-18, Gold Fleet

Schematic for AGAMEMNON Class Battle Cruiser

This webpage's purpose is to provide general information about the Federation starship USS AURORA and her crew. The AURORA is the second starship to bear that name. The original vessel was a Storm class light cruiser, commissioned on Stardate 90316 (16 March 1997/2409) in Blue Fleet under the command of CDR Collin Cochrane. She served through a number of fleet shuffles until, under the command of CAPT K'Peren Thomas, the original XO, the AURORA was lost in action.

The current vessel is an Agamemnon class battle cruiser, under the command of CAPT K'Peren Thomas. She was commissioned on Stardate 12???? (Some date 2000/2412)

If you are interested in receiving more information about the AURORA, please contact Matt Nicholls, who plays CAPT Thomas. D'Maris D. Coffman, ADM W. Gordon Crowell, is the point of contact for more information about role playing opportunities in Gold Fleet. The USS AURORA is currently assigned to CRUDIV-18, a cruiser division in Gold Fleet.

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Matt Nicholls, Commanding Officer, USS AURORA. 

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