Juniperus communis (Juniper Berries)

Botanic Name Juniperus communis L.
Common Name Juniper Berry, Common Juniper, Genevrier, Ginepro, Enebro, Germeiner Wachholder 1
Family Cupressaceae (Conferae)
Parts Used The ripe, carefully dried fruits (berries) 1
Habitat Throughout the northern hemisphere from warm to polar regions, preferring heaths, moorlands and chalk downs. 2
Constituents Volatile oil (including pinene and camphine) 2

Resin 2

Bitter principle (juniperin) 2

Antitumour agent (podophyllotoxin) 2

Flavonoids 2

Tannins 2

Invert sugar 4

Organic Acids 4

Actions Diuretic 4

Antiseptic 4

Carminative 4

Antirheumatic 4

Urinary antiseptic 2

Increasing elimination of acid metabolites 2

Stimulates uterine contractions 2

Applications Infections of urethra, bladder, and ureter (Cystitis) 2

Gouty and other arthritic conditions associated with the accumulation of acid wastes 2

Gastric conditions associated with reduced gastric secretions 2

Colic and flatulent digestive problems 2

Pain in the joints and muscles (topically) 4

Dosage MEDIUM dose herb

Dried ripe fruit: 1 – 2 gm tds 2

Combinations Althaea officinale, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi to counter irritability. 9
C/I Cautions Not to be used during pregnancy 5

Not for use exceeding four to six weeks in succession 5

Contraindicated in inflammatory kidney disease 5

Concerns with conditions involving inflammed kidneys are said to be derived from the usage of the Volatile Oil and not the whole plant extract and thus may be erroneous. [Khoury]

BHP S/I Cystitis in the absence of renal inflammation 6



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