The Lord Of Misrule

Day by day, a drizzle of moondust chokes a nameless city, where the rules of day to day life are skewed, but a strange logic persists. The play focuses on a specific subculture, dominated by a drug that posseses consciousness and a will to survive. Here an ecstatic and addicted immortal exchanges sugar for something that may be sex, an endangered marsupial produces entheogenic urine. and an enchanted map directs the unwary to an illusory paradise

In this reconfigured version of our own world, the issue of drug addiction is explored in a new way . Preconceptions are cast aside. Prejudices are disallowed. William Burrough's 'algebra of need' is exposed in vivid detail, as the drug itself assumes a looming subjective presence that may almost be human.

Previously, Sam Sejavka has addressed the addiction issue in realist style with In Angel Gear. In Lord of Misrule, he extrapolates the subject into an imagined world, lending it freshness and objectivity. A clear narrative binds a wolrd of apparent nonsense into harsh comment on the law, need, desire, self-deprecation and the mirage of redemption.


Preview: Herald-Sun May 28

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christian leavesley [director]

christian leavesley [detailed CV]

phil rolfe [designer]

jessamy dyer [Nira]

anthony johnson [Luther]

carmen mascia [Sugar]

ben grant [Theudas]

... a metaphorical agent of addiction is personified. It is given a will of its own, a proto-conscious drive, an evolutionary imperative ...

... Lord of Misrule explores the networks of addiction and the manner in which society reshapes itself to embrace these networks...


...from the viewpoint of the opium poppy or the cannabis plant, the production of a psychoactive substance is an evolutionary advantage. Individuals are actively selected for potency and yield, then enthusiastically cultivated by a mammalian symbiont. Over the centuries such plants evolve with humanity, having found a secure ecological niche...

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