Manu Smriti


Stifled by the constraints of his religion and with an arranged marriage pending, a young Indian considers the losing of his virginity . The Manu Smriti [Code of Manu] is the equivalent of the Ten Commantments in the Hindu religion. This piece is the opening scene from a larger work, 'I Am That I Am'.

written, performed by Raj Moodley

Rajendra Moodley is an actor-writer. He has been involved with ABC radio plays, including 'The Twilight Series' for Playbox. His first two plays, 'Swami Charlie' and 'I Am that I Am' were both performed at the Carlton Courthouse. 2004 sees the premiere of his play 'The Perfume Garden', directed by Lucy Freeman

directed by Lynne Ellis

Lynne Ellis has established herself as a director in Melbourne since first coming here twenty years ago with the Dutch group 'Kiss'. She is currently director-in-residence at RMIT, has won the Ewa Czajor Award and has directed the work of Barry Dickens, Sam Sejavka and Raimondo Cortese