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The following links point to pages that contain the full draft details. I intend to update these pages every year so that they become a complete (and hopefully accurate) record of club's recruiting over time, Ideally I will add a searchable index to aid in the locating of particular players, clubs etc., as well as a bit more explanation of the draft rules and the background of selections (don't expect anything too soon). On the draft pages themselves all players are listed, as are the recruiting club and the club the player was recruited from. The 'recruited from' clubs are identified with codes to indicate the state where the club may not be otherwise known. The code, VCFL, represents Victorian Country League for example, which represents all-Victorian and previously many Southern-NSW clubs.

Also listed are a player's games with his particular club. Games at other clubs do not count. Therefore a player who is drafted, having played 100 games at his previous AFL club may well be listed as having played only 10 games (the games he actually played for his new club). The plus sign after some game totals is a reference to the fact that the player is still at the club and could therefore increase his game count. Players in bold are still active (obviously this method becomes a bit ridiculous towards the more recent drafts). All the details are up to the start of the 97 season, the details for season 97 itself have not been included yet.

The lists include zone-selections, concession picks, father-son picks etc. Traded players are included but at this stage I haven't identified who was swapped for whom (or what). I have not included those players 'expansion' teams have taken from local leagues prior to the draft process (except Port and Fremantle), although may well in future.

In all these pages the National Draft is the November-December draft, the Preseason draft is the February-March draft, and the Midyear draft was the June draft.

Also look out for my upcoming draft previews. You want to know which players are likely to be drafted, want to look for 'names' in the newspaper/record, want to recognise some names when you watch this year's draft telecast? I'll see what I can do. If you want to suggest some extra names feel free. All coming soonish.

You can either examine the drafts directly or go via the written descriptions which include a bit of a narrative and some analysis.

Draft descriptions

The written descriptions and links to the drafts appear on the following three pages. 1986-89 drafts 1990-93 drafts 1994-97 drafts Or you can look at the drafts directly.

The Complete Drafts

As ever comments, suggestions, and contributions via email are welcome. All mistakes are mine, mine all mine.

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