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I am forced to subsist on salt-junk and lobscouse, when fat-bodied turtles idle past not two shackles distant.


Four years in a boys home.

A parent in prison.

Two car accidents.

Flooding the lobby of the Windsor hotel with milk at 6 am in the morning.

Selling hotdogs for a slain figure of the underworld wars.

Stints on Stingers, Blue Heelers, etc.. Channel 10's Sensing Murder. Neighbours. The ABC.Lots of theatre, including a Fringe award for best show [3XY Or Die], playing a would-be 80's punk icon - and finally here on the deck of the gallant ship DevilDam.

Ratbone is the captain of the DevilDam, though his duties seem obscure and his interests lie principally in venal pleasures and the collecting of various forms currency from about the globe - including dog-teeth, tulip bulbs, squirrel-noses and giant stone wheels from the Isle of Yap. He has an overwhelming fear of sea monsters - including the Ravening Skaffin, the Remora, and the Howling Polypus 'with hideous orb and sucking disc'.


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