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HEPSIBA: I can't make sense of it.

PRAXI: It is a lateral cross section. Viewed from here...It ought not be too difficult to visualise in your mind's eye.

HEPSIBA: PLEASED: Oh, yes. I do see.

PRAXI: It is merely a template. I have yet to model the clockwork and the gears, but - even at this early stage - I am quite proud of it .

HEPSIBA: I trust it will work?

PRAXI: Without a shadow of a doubt, Holy Sister.

HEPSIBA: I shall be able to operate it on my own?

PRAXI: You - and another to assist in the general handling of it; one woman alone may not be strong enough.

HEPSIBA: Will I die?

PRAXI: CAREFULLY: A... radical foray such as you plan must entail some degree of risk. But... risk is a powerful tonic to the courageous soul.

HEPSIBA: Indeed.

PRAXI: May I assume you approve the design, Holy Sister?

HEPSIBA: Provisionally.

PRAXI: Then I seek your endorsement on the materials.


PRAXI: Crystal! If I may be so bold... Clear, delicately faceted crystal; a perfect medium through which you will be able to see... perfectly. Crystal with a subtle resonance that will aid the mechanics of the device. Holy Sister, if this is to be an exercise in fashion and form as well as function - then flawless aethereal crystal is the perfect choice.

HEPSIBA: NODDING: As a designer, you were the perfect choice.

PRAXI: SIGHS IN GRATITUDE: While I have you in the mood, may I suggest that around the great hook-eye I engrave a golden rosette, inlaid with bloodstone and lapis lazuli. About the hem, I recommend a gilt entablature, spangled with emeralds and fine amethysts cut as scarabs.

HEPSIBA: Before you exhaust yourself on the ornamentation, be certain the device works and that it is safe.

PRAXI: Of course, Holy Sister. When do you require it finished?

HEPSIBA: Immediately.


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