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the simulid


 The Simulid is a master of disguises, appearing as a beggar or a baron, as a jester juggling golden balls at afternoon parlour teas, or golden balls in evening dress. The baron waltzes with the rich heiress while the beggar feeds off her children in the nursery, leaving shrivelled husks in the garbage pail where later they are mistaken for chicken bones and cabbage leaves. So intoxicated is the heiress with the elegance and beauty of The Simulid. that she fails to notice the unearthly odour and wrongness in the air around her dancing partner. Entranced, she will sigh in pleasure as six cold wiry legs writhe about her thighs and breasts in the bedroom. She will not see the pincers at her delicate throat, nor the steel-dark eyes that know neither sentiment nor mercy.

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