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This is not an expedition based on prayer and stardust. Some decades ago - at these very coordinates - an unusual silty material was discovered. Its structure was found to resemble flesh. Cells, organelles and binding fibres were recognised. The material was named Bathybius and the brunt of my work here is to confirm - or not - that Bathybius is the transitional pre- organic substance that forms a bridge between life and the lifeless. The urschleim. The primordium. The original generator of life.



Frank is a natural character actor tending towards the gothic and bizarre. He has appeared in The Rage in Placid Lake , playing Placidıs highly competitive fellow office worker, and in Richard Lowenstein's He Died with a Felafel in His Hand. Other credits include the mini-series My Brother Jack and Blue Heelers. He has played at The Duchess in Londonıs West End.

He has previously worked with Sejavka in Eaters of Filth playing an elite agent of a time-travelling medical cult. [with deep neuroses and a cautious necrophilia.]

AGENT: Kubler-Auckland Management


Dr Otto Haeckel is a single minded natural philosopher pushing the outer limits of human knowledge. He is arrogant and asexual - considering carnality to be an unnecessary perturbation of the hormonal balance

He seeks the fabled urschleim or primordial slime from which life originated on Earth. His nemesis is Professor Slakhorst of Salzburg. He considers his inner chemistry to be in equilibrium.

He has a deep and abiding love of spheres in all their manifestations. Boxes, too, are a mainstay of his life - it is almost as if, for a thing to exist, it must be contained by a box. [In this regard, Praxi is a great help, manufacturing him boxes of great beauty and variety]


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