Sam Sejavka










Curriculum Vitae:




april 2005


agent : Alison F. Telford  (LŐAbbett Artists Management}

phone/fax: 03 9531 0412  mobile: 0408 529 956




address:                      3 French St, Mt. Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia

phone:                         03 9807 0187


website:                       for more information see:


age:                             45 [dob: 2 april 1960]

acting range:               35 – 48

accents:                      French, German, Sub-Continental, United Kingdom,

US [South] etc

skills:                           driverŐs license, writing, swimming, singing, guitar


height:                         185cm  [6Ő 1Ó]

weight:                         73kg  [11.5 stone]

build:                            Slight/medium

eyes:                           Brown

hair:                             Dark brown

complexion:                 Olive/pale

shoes:                         10.5 – 11

waist:                           83cm [33Ó] [leg: long]

chest:                          93cm [37Ó]

hips                             92cm [36Ó]


Australian citizen, born in Australia




Sam also works as a writer. For details, please refer to Curriculum Vitae: Writer or access the website above. Some extra biographical info is contained at the end of this resumŽ.




04        Mysterium                               Courthouse

                                                            Cameo: dashing rakehell       


04        Crossing the Bridge                La Mama

Lead: victim of child abuse facing his past


03        Sruti Smriti                               Bar Open

Monologue: ÔDark BagŐ: eccentric academic


03        Before the After                       The Laundry : Melbourne Fringe Festival

Lead: perverse passionate priest


03        Theatre Trash                         Downstairs at 45 

Featuring role: crazy plastic surgeon


01        Believe Me, Oscar Wilde        La Mama: full length monologue by Barry Dickens

Oscar Wilde & ancillary characters


95        [Bukowski Poem]                    Universal Theatre: 2-hander, 5 minute dramatisation

                                                            priapic alcoholic poet


95        All Flesh is Glass                    Universal Theatre: Melbourne Fringe Festival

Lead: troublesome cult member with 2nd thoughts


93        Love Me Tender                     Malthouse: 

Quadriplegic mute & French speaking transvestite


88/9     The Death of Peter Pan          La Mama Theatre/Universal Theatre [two seasons]

            Lead: upper-class homosexual Oxbridge student


88        Shipwreck                               La Mama Theatre      

C17 Dutch/Javanese merchant of low moral code


87        The Music of Orpheus            La Mama Theatre      

                        Greek poet/hero incarnated as garret-dwelling writer


87        Quintessence                         La Mama Theatre      

                                                            Lead: English aristocrat in Hell





05        Educational Video                   Lead role in discussion video

                                                            Repentant speed addict/truck driver

                                                            Prod: McClure Multimedia/Morland hall


04        Stingers                                   Television Series

                                                            Guest role: head of importation racket for Asian sex slaves


95        The Alive Tribe                        Feature Film: cameo                          

subterranean left-wing activist


95        [title unknown]                         One hour film and computer game, [dir: David Cox]

                                                            featuring role: dealer of 24 hour orgasm drugs


93        [title unknown]                         Feature Film, [dir: Mark Savage]

featuring role: son of heartless criminal


91        Full Sequined Jacket              30 minute film: lead

                                                            hysterical US revivalist preacher & charlatan


90        Blood on The Big Top             30 minute film: featured role

                                                            yankee circus entrepreneur with horrific vices

90        Earthbound                             One hour film: minor role

                                                            bogus alien creature


88        Killer Zombies                         30 minute film: lead

                                                            family man transformed into zombie


87        Dead Love Meat                     20 minute film: lead

very weird scientist


87        Salt Saliva Sperm Sweat         45 minute film: very minor role

cafeteria diner


87        Tax                                          One hour film: featured role

                                                            office worker with Jesus obsession


86        The Invisible Girl                     30 minute film: featured role

                                                            suburban headbanger with mobile heavy metal disco


86        TAFE training video                30 minute video: lead



86        The Four Minute Mile              Mini Series: minor role

                                                            press photographer


85        Dogs In Space                        Feature film: minor role

                                                            rock star [specifically Michael Hutchence]


83        Strikebound                             Feature Film: minor role

union-breaking police constable


82        Frankie & Johnnie                   25 minute film: very minor role

                                                            automated circus puppet


80        The Wind in my Heart             25 minute film: lead

                                                            hapless young man with bizarre terminal disease







79-86   LIVE STAGE                           With bands The Ears & Beargarden, approx 

1000 performances across Australia From 86 on, occasional solo shows and shows with various short-lived bands. Very many public readings of written work


83-86   LIVE TV                                  Numerous performances with Beargarden, inc. Countdown & Hey Hey ItŐs Saturday. Also live TV interviews


96        LIVE TV                                   With Fact [a later band], Channel 31







FILMCLIPS:                     [as lead vocalist]:


86        A Seaside Song                      BEARGARDEN           Dir Donald Baldie  [CHASE]

85        Drink Drink Drink                    BEARGARDEN           Dir Paul Goldman  [VIRGIN]

84        I Write The News                    BEARGARDEN           Dir Paul Goldman  [VIRGIN]

83        The Finer Things                    BEARGARDEN           Dir. John Hillcoat  [VIRGIN]


82        Triple Treat                             THE EARS      Dir. R. Lowenstein [MISS.LINK]

81        Scarecrow                              THE EARS      Dir. R. Lowenstein [MISS.LINK]

80        Leap For Lunch                      THE EARS      Dir. R. Lowenstein  [IND.]

79        Brickwoman                            THE EARS      Dir. Lucy McLaren  [IND.]





84        PhillipŐs Television                   Vocalist performing on advertised TV set.

80        Ovaltine Flavoured Milk          100%: young ÔBlitzŐ fashion victim





92        Simulated patient                     Depiction of brain damaged motorcycle victim in realistic situations with trainees of                                                             the Royal Ambulance Association.






As a playwright Sam has had upwards of ten full-length plays produced, and has assembled a great deal of practical experience as director, producer, dramaturge etc. His play In Angel Gear won best production at the Victorian Green Room Awards of its year. His script for Earthbound was the first screenplay to be shortlisted for the Victorian PremierŐs Literary Awards. He has had a much short prose published – both fiction and non-fiction. An unpublished science-fiction novel, Autopsy Turvy, was shortlisted in the George Turner Prize for first SF novels in manuscript.


Through the 1980Ős and late 1970Ős, Sam sang for various bands – principally The Ears and Beargarden. While never quite breaking through to commercial success, he was prominent on the underground scene. An album and half a dozen singles/EPŐs were released. The bands toured with artists such as INXS, Culture Club, The Birthday Party, Cold Chisel, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Pretenders, Simple Minds etc.


Dogs in Space, a film directed by Richard Lowenstein, was based on Sam in his early twenties and led to a lasting notoriety.


This year, Mysterium  - a winner of the Wal Cherry Award - will be produced at the Courthouse in Carlton. ChamberMade Opera will be mounting The Hive: an opera based on his winner of the Victorian PremierŐs Literary award for Drama