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Last updated: 7 September 2003. Previous update: 17 August 2003. Started on: 30/November/02

SO, you've been around a few sites, seen powerful weapons and gear, but pretty much nothing new. This site has something new, its got stuff to improve your game not with new toys, but with innovative gaming tools!
It's about fixing the Rifts experience for you, through restyling its system. Fixing it and enhancing it!

Latest material:
>> RIFTS FICTION! With art and rules examples! Click here(new art added: 7/09/03)!
>> Non Exceptional Attributes need to become important? Click here!
>> Energy weapon/armour of choice and equip problems. Solved! Click here!
>> Having the right strength of enemy, or the right variety? Click here!
>> Combat that needs spicing up, click here!

Do you spend too much time during a game debating the rules? Or find some parts of the game are really useless, but deserve a place? Perhaps you'd just like a consistent system, so you don't run into a new rule idea/interpretation. You might have looked around but just found rules which are long winded and untested?

Current Feature
Optimised rules used in our regular table top game: These are the same rules use every game session I run, so you know they get tested. They are designed to keep to the original flavour Rifts gives, while streamlining it and adding balanced impact to them, with minimal rule replacement. No half breed mixes of Rifts with other systems. Soon more rule histories will be added, so you can find out how well a rule has worked (good or bad) and in how many game sessions. More and more will be added over time.

In Development
Now begun and ready to
read! >>> Fan-fiction examples of rules: Want to know if what Neon Rifts has is worth a second glance? Sick of drudging through dry or badly written house rules at other sites? Well, over time this little story will highlight all the enhancements within Neon Rifts. Just about every story paragraph will have a following italicised explanation of the rules used behind the action scene. Then the story continues in normal font, so you can simply read the story by itself if you want.

Even more Optimised rule history/design notes: Don't you hate it when you see a rule on a web page but have no idea what they were thinking, or if they've even tested it? These give a behind the scenes background for their implementation.

Basic Rifts Adventure Generation: Documents focusing on how to make simple yet very fun Rifts games, since that's not always as simple as it sounds. Step by step method makes it simple. There will also be notes on how to integrate these foundation adventures into a greater campaign! An example adventure will also be given.

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